What is Bereavement Box?

Losing a loved one is the worst. 
Beyond the sheer sadness it evokes, there is simply nothing else quite as emotionally and spiritually depleting. 
The traditional stiff upper lip mentality, demanding we keep calm and carrying on is too draining to maintain constantly. It is essential that those who are bereaved find some organic peace within. 
The Bereavement Box is a unique concept. It is a sympathy gift with substance, designed to aid in the grieving process and make this horrible time slightly less lonely. 
The boxes are packed with thoughtful gifts that are therapeutic, comforting, pleasant and help reinforce the notion that the bereaved are not alone, that they are very much cared for. 
It is the loving embrace needed to help get through a seriously tough time.

How It Works

You can use the Menu above to pick a box, there is a choice of 3 to suit any budget. After you have picked your box, you can then select your card of choice to carry your personal message. Apart from the card, we choose what goes in the box as this changes on a monthly basis, you can see what previous boxes have included on the assorted pics on the site. Don't forget to add your special touch, there is a space for you to write your personal message on the checkout page.
All that's left to do then is pay and your recipient will receive their sympathy gift box ASAP (usually within 7 working days). 
Quick, easy, personal, beautiful

Will It Be Suitable?

I hand pick and choose everything that goes in each box to make sure every gift is appropriate. At checkout we will ask you to specify the name of the bereaved and the nature of their loss e.g. Husband. You can state whether you would like to make the box gender neutral or geared towards a female recipient. The gifts will be suitable for all ages, so no one is discriminated against. We want as many people to feel the loving embrace of a Bereavement Box. Obviously, when this product is sent is up to you and your knowledge of the bereaved. Generally we recommed anytime you feel the bereaved is struggling with grief but generally after the funeral, when the time the grieving process has begun.
Furthermore, if you let us know we can tailor the box to suit just anyone in any situation that can be brightened even slightly by one of our boxes. Our boxes have been purchased for those who are unwell, fighting mental illness or have generally received bad news. Packaging is altered accordingly. 

The 'Here for You' Box

The 'Here for You' Box
This is our first level of Bereavement box, priced at just £16! This box looks to provide goods which provide comfort and reinforces the notion that despite this lonely time the recipient is much loved and cared about. 
Inside you will find 5 fantastic, high quality products, most of which are full sized.
These are beautifully presented in our gorgeous boxes.
You also have the option to include a personal message in a uniquely designed card, this little touch can really mean the world to someone going through an emotionally difficult and often lonely time.
Now lower price introductory offer! (Usual price 18.00)