Our Bereavement Boxes

The Heart-Warming Hug Box

The Heart-Warming Hug Box
This is the ultimate gift, priced at just £50. It contains lots of items that will help with the grieving in the long and short term. All of the items heartfelt and interesting, it is a glowing embrace that reminds those who are bereaved how loved they are but also provides a source of therapy and comfort in the long run - you don't get that from Dahlia's!
Traditionally, this box will include a pampering gift set (RRP £20)
Contains at least 9 other gifts
Uniquely designed card, with a personal message
Creative gift aimed at providing a short term distraction. 
Specially packaged in a beautifully packaged in bespoke memory box (see below) and individually wrapped 
(Please Note:Prices shown are exclusive of delivery costs. As this is purchase contains so many products the postage price may also be slightly higher but we are working to limit this as far as possible)