There are 3 different tiers of boxes, each box contains between 5 and 15 high quality products hand picked by me. 
The contents may vary from month to month and box to box but they all contain a multitude of goods with a range of aims. A therapeutic gift- to help de-stress, a calming gift- to help restore a sense of zen, an interesting read focused on grief and why we grieve, to highlight that to do so is a completely normal process which we all have a right to. There is also a pampering gift, these are important as they encourage the bereaved to take time out for a degree of self care to help restore a sense of balance and well-being and finally there is almost always a sweet treat. 
I feel the most important part is the personalised card, this communicates your special message which is crucial in reminding those who have lost that they are cherished and have someone they can turn to, should they ever need it. 

The Contents

The Pampering Gift: This little addition symbolises that self-care isn't selfish. No matter the circumstance, you still deserve to have or do all the little things that make us feel good! Pampering items in the past have included; fancy fine soap, bubble bath or moisturiser 
The Literature: At the moment the box could contain any one of 3 books. Poems of Mourning - the Everyman's Library, A Very Easy Death by Simone de Beauvoir or The Other Side of Sadness by George A. Bonnano. These are all fantastic reads consistently referenced in any recommended reading lists on grief. 
The Nourishment: I don't buy into the clean eating trend, comfort food delivers what it promises. The pleasure the sweet treat included brings, can induce that well deserved smile. This item has traditionally been chocolate but we've had everything from biscuits to fancy french macaroons
The Therapy: Before launching this project we asked a great number of people "what did you do to help get you through?". Frequently cited responses included taking things one at a time-achieving small scale goals, finding a hobby from which real pleasure can be derived, as well as writing out whatever came to mind. To this end the Therapy gift could be anything from a designer notebook to a colouring book, or even a home origami kit. These inclusions may seem obscure but trust me they really help, even if the result is that bereaved is not thinking about their loss for even just a short while. 
The Sleep assistance: Grief needs rest. A good night sleep makes emotional reasoning and therefor grieving easier. Unfortunately after a trauma like death a satisfying snooze can be hard to come by. The box has got your back. we've included every thing from sleep masks to pillow spray. 
The Zen: a small gift to help restore calm, this creates an ambient space in which one can think, meditate or just enjoy some time to time alone. Past items have included; scented candles, room spray, headache balm, essential oils, CD's.  

The Basics: they need no explanation but they are essential and in every box; things we class as basics include tissues, tea and of course a card - because sometimes we need to see it in black and white to remember how loved and supported we are.